What I Do

What I Do


My primary goal in life is to do work that I love and help others achieve the same goal. On my lifelong career path, the question I have often asked myself is: What do people need to overcome their limitations? I had to go through many years of my own experience to come to an understanding of that question. It seems that knowledge and awareness make the difference. Knowledge of self is crucial and awareness of the interconnectedness of oneself to all life is key to life satisfaction and happiness.

What I want to do is help others gain that knowledge and awareness. How, you might ask? By helping a person open to their own innate intelligence and the awareness that is already in their own minds it will occur. The coaching techniques and related tools I use are strategic in assisting this process. Coupled with intuition and focusing on the personís strengths, wonderful shifts can take place. I believe that each of us has our own unique gift to share with the world.

My management career spans 20 years and I have a myriad of experience in self-development, pilot project development, social work, proposal writing, counseling, sales and sales management, coaching, and many aspects of training. It allows me to work with businesses and individuals on many diverse professional and personal goals.

A few of the unique tools I use in coaching are: journaling, creative visualization, meditation, muscle testing, anger management techniques, prosperity practices.

I love my work and the constant changes occurring in my life. If you would like to experience greater life satisfaction and happiness, contact me for a free consultation.